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Wedding ideas

Blake Kritzberg

Asian-themed weddings are on the rise. At first this might come as a surprise. After all, nothing could seem further from the Laura Ashley vision we summon for the word, "wedding."
Today's trends break down into two main types of Asian weddings: the Japanese or "Zen...Read more

In what season are you getting married? Below is a year of ideas to help you in your planning:

Holidays: Christmas & New Year's Eve
Popular Colors: Blue, maroon, dark, rich colors

Centerpiece Ideas:
Large snow...Read more

Many people are predisposed to thinking that a destination wedding is the cheaper way to go . . . in actuality, a destination wedding can be much more expensive. Depending on how far you plan on traveling, you’ll need to figure in the cost of plane tickets and...Read more

We’ve all heard that June is the month for weddings. When we think of weddings, often we automatically imagine warm weather, maybe a sandy beach, or even just warm rays of sunshine filtering down through puffy white clouds. We think of colorful flowers and...Read more

Anahit Zorian


Every couple dreaming to get married wishes the wedding ceremony to be dreamlike, unique and unforgettable. From this perspective a wedding...Read more

Anahit Zorian

Armenia is a divine land bearing great traditions, culture and history. Also, it is the finest place to organize wedding feasts. The reasons for choosing especially Armenia are manifolds.  I take an opinion that every Armenian whose forefathers had lived on this...Read more

Day by day more and more couples eager to have boho chick style wedding.  In 2014 the style really rocks because of the freedom, simplicity, naturalistic manners offered by boho...Read more

Anahit Zorian

Could you ever think about old furniture being the main decoration of your wedding? Don't wonder. All crazy and unrealistic ideas find their realization those days. So, old...Read more

Astghik Avetisyan

Here you can choose wedding theme ideas which are very popular in 2014. Hope they can do some help with your decision.
1. Vintage
The vintage wedding trend is still going strong, which is something that feels so romantic about adding old items to your big day. And the vintage frames...Read more

Anahit Zorian

Fall is the hottest wedding season. The dog hot pass and the nature become colorful and gorgeous. Here are some tips for organizing colorful and funny wedding.

...Read more